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Meet the designer behind alice in design

Photo by Hernan Azocar

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Hello I’m Michela

(pronounced more or less Mickeyla)
the web designer behind the creative design studio Alice in Design.

About me

content/UX specialist and product owner for a decade in a big online corporation during daytime and blog designer during nighttime. Working in the Content/UX field for so many years I had the opportunity to develop my skills in project management, business product, data analysis and web design. In 2013 my passion for designing (and sleeping during night-time) took over the comfort corporation style of life and led me to what I was meant for: working and enjoying what I am doing at the same time. Alice in Design is meant as a creative lab in progress, my team consists of myself and a bunch of talented people (SEO and SEA experts, video-makers, photographers, illustrators) with whom I team up when the project requires it.

When I am Alice

I help small business and creative entrepreneurs, like myself,  to develop and enhance their business online. I am passionate and I give 100%  full attention to the project I am working on, this is the reason why I take on a very limited number of new clients per month to ensure each project gets the right attention it deserves.

When I am not Alice

the truth is that I cannot avoid to be Alice. The creative inputs that feed my work are on 24/7 and I find them everywhere. Having said that, when I am far from a computer you can easily find me in a playground, in a city-farm or mixing watercolours together with my boy and little girl. During summer time I usually take a break from the digital world and I go to refill my batteries in my personal “Wonderland” among the Italian Alps in Trentino-Alto Adige, where I was born and grew up. Strangely for a mountains lover, I ended up in the ultimate flat country in the world, The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, a city that I love and where I live with my husband and my two kids.

 Thank you for passing by!